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My life is pure luxury.

I am healthy.

I have a roof over my head, food on the table, running water, clothes for every wheather and a bed to sleep in.

I can walk, I can talk, I can run, I can sing. I can move freely.

I can sleep in peace, because I don't even know what real violence is.

I have a fully functioning brain, that enables me to think on my own.

I was able to go to school, study, further educate myself and finally even start building my own business, which allows me to express myself and do what I love.

I am independent.

I live in a society, in which everybody has the same rights, the government is fair and I don't need to fear threat nor harm.

I have friends, I have family.

I can start all theses sentences with the word I, because I have the luxury and freedom of being able to focus on myself and my life and the way I want to live it.

Not everybody can say that. Now I'm not trying to guilt-trip you into feeling bad about yourself, absolutely not! It's amazing to have all these abilities. In fact, I wish everybody would have access to them!

As long as you keep in mind where you come from, whom you have to thank for how you're positioned in life and what an incredible honor it is to live the life we are living, please keep it up.

Taking things for granted is extremely unfair and selfish, but it happens far too often to far too many people - including myself.

Showing gratitude is the easiest form of giving back. You don't owe it to anybody, one should never expect a "Thank you", but it is worth all the more, if you are able to honestly express your thanks.

So here's a challenge for you:

What are you grateful for?

Write down three things every day and observe how it makes you feel.

Build your very own foundation of gratitude and be surprised what magnificence will come from it.

Feel free to share it with others!

Happy to hear your thoughts on gratitude in our modern society! Do you take the time to actively think about what you're grateful for?

- N

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